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Privacy policy and terms of service

Just like you do, we care for privacy. This page describes our data policy: how we use the information we gather and how we use the authorizations you give us.

Collection of information

For us to identify you when you are enrolled in races that we cover, we need to gather some personal information. By using this service, you therefore agree to provide us with the information required to fill your profile. This information needs to be accurate for us to find you among the participants to the events we cover. You can at any time request for all or parts of your profile to be deleted from our records, but may then lose access to the service.

Facebook connection

To add pictures and information from your participation at the events directly into facebook, the app needs to be allowed to post on your timeline. Without this authorisation, we will not be able to post pictures or publish live feed or your performances.


Once the connection has been made between your facebook profile and your personal data, at each event covered by us in which you are found amongst the participants, you can choose to let photopuce publish on your account. For every event, precisions on what we will be posted will be provided when giving the authorizations to our service. We will always be putting the highest care in selecting the nicest pictures, and publishing accurate and relevant information, but cannot be held liable for any consequence of those publishings. The informations we publish are not contractual and may contain irregularities. You have all rights to delete or request the deletion of messages.